End-of-Life Services

Euthanasia For Those That Are Suffering

We understand the grief involved when the time comes to say goodbye to your pet. We offer compassionate care to support you through this difficult process. We welcome any questions or concerns that you may have and understand that you want the best for your pet. The euthanasia procedure is carried out with respect and kindness and performed without delay. 

Unlike a private veterinary clinic, we are not equipped for you to be present during the euthanasia process. We can however, offer private cremation services and the option for you to take your pet home to his/her final resting place.

The euthanasia fee for pet dogs is $90. The euthanasia fee for cats and small animals is $80.



Cremation Services

The cost of communal cremation is included in the euthanasia fee. If your pet passes away at home, the communal cremation fee is $30.

We also offer private cremation through an outside provider. The cost for this service ranges depending on your pet’s weight. If you choose a private cremation, your pets ashes will be returned to you.

For questions about end-of-life services, please contact AdmissionsAppointment@HawaiianHumane.org.