Animal Welfare Laws

Local, state and federal laws all protect animals and people in our community. Enforcement of these laws is determined by jurisdiction and may involve the Hawaiian Humane Society, the Honolulu Police Department or other agencies.

County Laws

Chapter 12, Animals and Fowl, of the Revised Ordinance of Honolulu includes most of Oʻahu’s animal regulations including:

  • Mandatory identification for pet dogs (Article 8) and cats (Article 6)
  • Leash law for dogs (Article 4)
  • Dangerous dogs (Article 7) 
  • Cockfighting prohibited (Article 1) 
  • Mandatory reporting of found cats to animal control (Article 6)
  • Mandatory sterilization for pet cats allowed outdoors (Article 6)
  • Noise nuisance law; dogs and roosters (Article 2)
  • Limits on number of dogs and chickens (Article 2)

Chapter 10, Article 1 includes the rules on dogs in City & County parks

Chapter 13, Article 4 include the rules on removing animal waste

Chapter 15, Article 24 includes the rules on carrying animals in a vehicle

State Laws

Chapter 711 of Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes, Offenses Against Public Order, includes Hawaiʻi criminal animal cruelty provisions:

Other important state laws include:

Federal Laws