Dog-Friendly Parks

Off Leash Dog Parks

Off-leash dog parks, whether privately or publicly owned, are maintained by volunteers. All dog parks require that users pick up after their dogs so that all park users can enjoy a clean and safe environment. Please remember to bring your own doggie waste bags and dispose of them properly.

Park Guidelines

  • Pet owners accept full responsibility for themselves, their pets and their children.
  • Dogs are to be leashed while entering and exiting the park.
  • Dogs in heat should be left at home.
  • Puppies and dogs are to be vaccinated and healthy.
  • Dogs are to be kept under close supervision of their owners.
  • Leash your dog in the park at the first sign of aggressive behavior.

Dog Parks

ʻAʻala Dog Park, which features separate areas for small and large dogs, is open the same hours as the surrounding Aala Park, from 6 am to 9 pm daily.

Ala Wai Dog Park is near Ala Wai Elementary School and is open during daylight hours (except Tuesday mornings when it is closed for maintenance.)

Bark Park is an off-leash dog park at Diamond Head Rd. and 18th Avenue, and is open during daylight hours every day.

Hawaii Kai Dog Park is on Keahole Street at the makai end of the Hawaii Kai Park & Ride. Open daily from dawn to dusk, except Tuesday mornings when it is closed from 7 am to 12 noon for mowing and other maintenance; click here for more information.

Kakaʻako Dog Park, at Mother Waldron Park on Pohukaina Street, is open from 5 am to 10 pm unless otherwise noted on signs. There is no dedicated parking lot and no water fountain available.

Moanalua Dog Park was the City’s first off-leash dog park at Moanalua Community Park off Pu’uloa Road, and is open during daylight hours every day (except Tuesday mornings when it is closed for maintenance).

Mililani Dog Park was the City’s second off-leash dog park at Mililani Mauka District Park at Park & Ride, 95-1069 Ukuwai St., and is open during daylight hours every day (except Wednesday mornings when it is closed for maintenance).

Mōʻiliʻili Dog Park, at Kalo Place Mini Park, features separate areas for small and large dogs. It is open daily from 5 am to 10 pm (except Tuesdays when it is closed from 7 am to 12 pm for maintenance). There is limited street parking available. There is no public access from the nearby Hawaiian Humane Society campus.

Dog-Friendly Parks

Dogs on-leash are allowed at the parks listed below, according to City & County of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation:

Hawaii Kai to McCully

Ala Wai Parkway along Ala Wai Canal

Kamole Mini Park 1451 Kamole St. off Laukahi in Waialae Iki

Manoa Triangle Near Punahou

Manoa District Park Perimeter Area 2721 Kaaipu Ave. at Manoa Rd. 988-4747

Mau’umae Nature Park 16th Ave & Claudine Street, Kaimuki

Medial Strip at Kapiolani Park

Mōʻiliʻili Triangle 1115 Isenberg St. near S. Beretania St.

Nehu Mini Park 5231 Nehu Pl. off E. Hind Dr., Aina Haina

Pukele Mini Park 1415 Pukele off Palolo Ave.

Puu O Kaimuki Mini Park 951 Koko Head Ave. at Pahoa, Kaimuki

Sandy Beach Park Hawaii Kai

Waikiki Playground bordered by Paki, Monsarrat & Leahi near Waikiki Elementary

Wailupe Valley Playground 969 Hind Iuka Dr., Aina Haina

Makiki to Aiea

Alewa Neighborhood Park 923 Lolena St. near Iholena in Liliha

Archie Baker Mini Park 1959 Makiki Heights Dr. at Round Top Dr.

Auwaiolimu Neighborhood Park 1848 Lusitana St.

Hoa Aloha Neighborhood Park 949 Ala Loke off Ala Lilikoi, Salt Lake

Kalihi Waena Neighborhood Park 2020 Beckley St.

Loi Kalo Mini Park 1243 Loi Kalo Pl. off School St., Palama

Makalapa Neighborhood Park 99-104 Kalaloa St.

Moanalua Community Park 2900 Moanalua Rd. near Tripler overpass 831-7105

Mother Waldron Neighborhood Park 525 Coral St.

Na Pueo Mini Park (both upper and lower sections) top of Alewa Heights on Alewa Dr. near

Pearl City to Waianae to Wahiawa

Ewa Beach Community Park 91-955 North Rd, Ewa Beach – 689-0370

Honowai Neighborhood Park 94-660 Honowai St. near Honowai Elem. School, Waipahu

Iliahi Neighborhood Park 2021 California Ave., Wahiawa

Manana Neighborhood Park 1550 Kuahaka St. at end of Leomele off Waimano Home Rd. 453-7556

Pacific Palisades Community Park 2299 Ahuhu St. off Akepa & Komo Mai, Pearl City 453-7557

Waialua to Waimanalo

Kawai Nui Neighborhood Park 750 Kaha St.

Pohakapu Mini Park 1329 Kailua Rd. near Castle Medical Center

Dogs welcome with County permit only

The City & County of Honolulu allows dogs in these parks by permit only for obedience classes and special events:

Hawaii Kai to McCully

Crane Community Park 2903 Kaimuki Avenue

Makiki to Aiea

Aiea District Park 99-350 Aiea Heights Rd. near Aiea High School 483-7859

Kamamalu Neighborhood Park

Kalihi Valley District Park 1911 Kam IV Rd. near Sanford B. Dole Intermediate School 832-7812

Thomas Square Park 925 South Beretania Street

Pearl City to Waianae to Wahiawa

Mililani Waena Neighborhood Park 94-1150 Lanikuhana Ave. at Kipapa 623-5258

Neil S. Blaisdell Park 98-319 Kamehameha Hwy Pearl City, HI 96782 523-4527

Newtown Neighborhood Park 98-434 Kaahele St.

Waialua to Waimanalo

Enchanted Lakes Community Park 770 Keolu Dr. near Enchanted Lake Elem. School, Kailua 266-7665

Heeia Neighborhood Park 46-220 Haiku Rd.

Kaelepulu Mini Park 207 Awakea Rd. off Wanaao at Aumoe & Awakea, Kailua

Kamananui Neighborhood Park 67-369 Alahaka Pl.

Kaneohe Civic Center Neighborhood Park 45-270 Waikalua Rd.

Kaneohe Community Park 45-529 Keaahala Rd.

Frequently Asked Question

“Where can I walk my dog in Waikiki?”

Leashed dogs are welcome on county sidewalks. However, store and mall-front areas are often private property. The oceanfront walkway from Queen’s Beach to the Waikiki Aquarium does not allow pets as it’s county park property so it is best to remain on the Kalakaua Ave roadside sidewalk. Leashed dogs are welcome around Kapiolani Parks perimeter but not in the park.