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At its heart, the Hawaiian Humane Society is an advocacy organization. This commitment is spelled out in our mission: to promote the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals. We pursue this mission through high-quality animal care, low-fee and no-fee spay/neuter services, community education and outreach, law enforcement and campaigning for laws that protect animals and support a pet-friendly community. 

Many of the rules protecting animal welfare in Hawaiʻi are the result of advocacy by Hawaiian Humane and our indispensable army of community supporters. Recent successes include City & County funding for no-fee spay/neuter for Free-Roaming cats, mandating microchip identification for pet cats and dogs on Oʻahu, banning the importation of wild animals to the state for the purpose of performing in circuses or fairs and expediting the forfeiture of animals rescued from cruelty. 

We need advocates who are willing to write letters, draft testimony and support current animal welfare initiatives. Call 356-2217 or email to get involved.

How to get started

How to be an advocate

Advocacy Initiatives

The Hawaiian Humane Society regularly engages in efforts to improve our state and local animal laws. Current efforts include:

HB1085/SB343 Sexual Assault of an Animal
HB1086/SB609 Veterinary Good Samaritan/Mandatory Reporting
HB1087/SB545 Dog Tethering
HB538/SB346 Relating to Farm Animals
HB1088/SB345 Cruelty-Free Cosmetics
HB1021/SB1175 Relating to the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact
HB213/SB454 Fireworks
HB508 Fireworks
HB1246 Fireworks
HB606 Affordable Housing
HB1132/SB1280 Affordable Housing
SB1 Affordable Housing

HB416 Dog Tethering

HB409 Relating to Animal Caretakers


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