Couch Crashers Foster Program

Couch Crashers

Couch Crashers is Hawaiian Humane’s short-term foster program to promote adult dog adoption and provide shelter dogs with a brief respite. This time in a loving home helps them relax, gain more socialization and sometimes even learn some new skills. This time also helps potential adopters get to know dogs they are interested in adopting before they make the lifelong commitment!

Studies regarding dog behavior and health have shown that short term foster programs are especially beneficial for dogs in a shelter setting, helping to reduce stress and cortisol levels. Taking a break to “couch crash” enables these dogs to receive lots of love and attention with their foster or potential fur-ever home.  The information gathered through this program about the dogs helps us match them with a home that will best meet their needs. 

Just Three Easy Steps!

  1. Visit one of our campuses
  2. Pick out a dog that is over 7-months-old 
  3. Bring them home for the staycation of their dreams!

You might even fall in love while they are crashing on your couch, but if not, you have helped us tremendously by alleviating some of the extreme space constraints that we are facing. Any animal that can leave our shelter for any amount of time allows us to help more animals. Please consider taking part in this short-term foster program.

Couch Crashers FAQ

  • How do I participate?
    1. Visit our Mo’ili’ili Adoptions Center, now daily from 11 am – 6 pm, or our Kosasa Family Campus Wednesday– Sunday 11 am-7 pm. No appointment necessary.
    2. Speak with an Adoptions Representative and peruse our dogs available for adoption and look out for signage that reads “Can I crash on your couch?”
    3. Sign-in to our virtual waitlist, select “single dog adoption,” and inform the adoptions representative that you would like the dog you selected to “Couch Crash.”
    4. The adoptions representative will ask you to complete our Couch Crasher application, present a photo ID (we will confirm your physical address) and share more information with you about the dog.
    5. If the dog will be a good fit for your household, we will provide you with needed supplies and… off you go with your new short-term roommate! 
  • How long should I expect my Couch Crasher to stay with me?

    We typically request a Couch Crasher to be with you for a period of one to two weeks. In some situations, we may ask you to care for the dog for a shorter or longer period of time depending on our housing capacity for all the dogs in our care. Right now, we are asking that you keep your “couch crasher” for a minimum of 7 days. 

  • What happens when my Couch Crasher is ready to come back to Hawaiian Humane?

    When you are leaving Hawaiian Humane with the dog, you will have already scheduled your return appointment at one of our two campuses with our Adoptions team. Once the fostering period is over, bring the dog back at your scheduled appointment time to our Adoptions Center.  

    If you need to return your Couch Crasher before your scheduled appointment, please call or email our Adoptions Team at or call our Mo’ili’ili Campus at 808-356-2218 or Kosasa Family Campus at 808-909-9410 reschedule your return appointment. 

    Please bring back the provided supplies and be sure to complete your virtual Couch Crasher Report Card to give us valuable information about the dog’s stay in your care! 

  • What if I'm interested in adopting a dog that is located off-site with a Couch Crasher foster family?

    Complete and submit the Couch Crasher Interest Form for the specific dog you would like to meet! Note: Completing this form does not reserve or hold any animal for adoption and is only to indicate interest. Adoptions are facilitated on a first come, first serve basis.

  • What if I’ve fallen in love my Couch Crasher foster dog and I’d like to adopt?

    Please contact our Adoptions team at with the name and AID# of your Couch Crasher. We will reach out to facilitate the adoption over the phone, or you may also come into the Adoption Center in person to adopt.

  • What if the Couch Crasher experiences medical issues while in my care?

    If a medical issue arises, bring the dog to our Mo’ili’ili Shelter Clinic (through our Admissions Center) Monday through Sunday, 12 6 pm. No appointment necessary, walk-in only. Please wait with your Couch Crasher while it is being treated by our veterinary team.  

    Please do not delay in bringing your foster dog to our clinic if you suspect an illness or injury. 

    If your Couch Crasher is experiencing an after-hours medical emergency (before 12 pm and after 6 pm) please call us immediately at 808-356-2250.