CARE Curriculum

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s Compassion and Responsibility Education (CARE) curriculum is designed to provide ideas and lesson plans to implement humane education in the classroom.

Activities are interactive and serve to inspire youth to be animal advocates and responsible pet owners, as well as to demonstrate compassion, empathy and respect in all aspects of their lives. Lessons are designed to encourage participation and provide opportunities for youth to serve their school or community.

CARE is offered free-of-charge to all O’ahu educators. Complete the CARE Request Form to get started.

Lessons include:

Compassion & Empathy Promotion

CARE 101: Perspectives on Kindness (Grades 2 – 5)

CARE 102: Perspectives on Empathy (Grades 6 – 12)

CARE 103: Animal Cruelty and Abuse Prevention (Grades 6 – 12) 

Responsible Pet Ownership

CARE 201: What do Pets Need? (Grades 2 – 5)

CARE 202: Classroom Pets (Grades 6 – 12)

CARE 203: Importance of Pet Identification (6 – 12)

CARE 204: Emergency Preparedness (6 – 12)

CARE 205: Responsible Pet Acquisition and Puppy Mills (Grades 6 – 12)

CARE 206: Humane Responsibility (Grades 2 – 5)

Service Learning

CARE 300: 3-2-1 Action (Grades 2 – 12)

Please note that all lessons are designed for students in grades 2–5 or 6–12; however, please consider how each lesson can be utilized as a framework and tailored as necessary for the appropriate grade and comprehension level of your students.

Contact or call 356-2223 for questions or more information.